CIT Launches Smart Cities Initiative

Follow us @CITOrg or @dihrie or this blog for current information on the new Smart City Actuator. Subsequent posts will provide our definition of a Smart City, and more details about an Actuator and how it will help enable the Smart City market.

In conjunction with our partner Smart City Works, CIT just launched a new Smart Cities Actuator, and APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN for the inaugural cohort beginning March 27 at the CIT facility in Herndon, VA. Here is the full Call for Innovation, seeking companies interested in participating in the cohort:

Smart City Works is Open for Applications for the Spring 2017 Cohort in the DC Metro Area to be held at the Center for Innovative Technology

SMART CITY WORKSTM is the world’s first business actuator and a premier business accelerator for improving livability and resilience in cities.  Our unique focus on the built environment aims to dramatically change the way we design, build, and operate civil infrastructure.  With unmatched capability and a world class network of technical resources and cities, we go beyond traditional accelerators to more rapidly move the best technology solutions cities need into the hands of city managers and solution-providing companies.  Our program, conducted in conjunction with the Center for Innovative Technology, is designed to equip companies with the skills, market awareness, and validated products to be highly competitive, growth oriented, and investment ready.

Call For Innovation (CFI): We are looking for entrepreneurs, startups, and companies with emerging products to apply for the Spring 2017 inaugural Washington DC metro cohort, to be held at the Center for Innovative Technology, Herndon, VA.  The program is open to startups globally whose visionary founders are willing to bring their ideas and passions to participate in person in a unique and impactful acceleration process.

In particular, we seek innovative commercial solutions that address significant social and civic challenges—safety, security, livability, and resilience—in urban environments across the United States and the world.

For the Spring 2017 cohort, your solution will focus on one of 3 key areas of the infrastructure challenge:

  • Transport – Solutions that reduce costs, extend serviceable life, reduce congestion, improve parking, improve inter-modalities (car, train, bus, bike, pedestrian), or leverage smart, autonomous, and intelligent transportation solutions to improve our transportation infrastructure network.
  • Resilience and Public Safety – Solutions and/or IoT technologies that address the safety and security of the urban public; that mitigate the impact of rising sea levels, extreme weather events, or other natural or man-made shocks; that protect critical infrastructure; or those solutions that allow cities to be more livable and sustainable.
  • Construction Techniques – Solutions that improve the design, construction, or maintenance of infrastructure; reduce lifecycle costs or improve safety, schedules, or margins.

Important Date: Smart City Works Application Deadline: Applications open now, March 1 we will begin selecting companies until the class is full. Final date for applications is March 10th, 2017

Where to Apply: [        http://www.smartcityworks.ioFor more information: [ ]



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