Cybersecurity Awareness: Still Relevant In 2014

October means Cybersecurity Awareness! It’s always hard to imagine there will be enough material to fill an entire month, but the news cycle never seems to fail. Since last year, Target and Home Depot have led the hit parade for retailers, Heartbleed and BASH have struck the very foundational code that much of the internet relies upon, privacy has had a resurgence in the courts and in the devices we buy, everyone wants to own mobile payments, APT has replaced “script kiddies” as the buzzword of the year, and the cybersecurity paradigm seems to be shifting yet again.

Also, for the first time, these cybersecurity awareness posts will be blogged rather than distributed via internal company e-mail. Based on feedback from various folks, there is some interest in having previous posts available and archived in a blog format, and in the name of content re-use I’m happy to oblige (with a bit of editorial license). Finally, branching out a bit, some math noodling which is not exactly cybersecurity (but related), and some excerpts from our Mach37 white paper on Cyber101. So, the weekly rotation for Cybersecurity Awareness 2014 looks something like this:

– Can You Believe The News?

– Best of Cybersecurity Awareness

– Where Math Breaks

– Can You Believe The News?

– Cyber101


As always, keep your Cybersecurity Aware, and your bits in their buckets.


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